Since the body is to be made in carbon fiber the first thing to tackle is to sculpt the new shapes. When the sculpting is done a mold of the entire body is to be made and finally a carbon fiber casting inside the mold, but first things first.

To make the sculpting easier I made a wooden floor that was leveled and bolted to the garage concrete floor. Before the body was stripped of all unnecessary metal and bolted to the wooden floor I welded in some basic support structure so that it wouldn’t collapse. The body was then cut down in height by cutting of the bottom, giving the body an approximately height of 990mm. The body was then placed in the correct height and position on the wooden floor and securely bolted in place.

(You’ll have to excuse the perspective in the pictures, but due to the claustrophobic area (22 square meters) that is my garage I simply can’t take photos in any good angle without tearing down a wall… ;) )

Body under sculpting

Here you see the wooden floor that is bolted to the garage floor. The body is stripped of unnecessary metal, cut to height and bolted to the wooden floor. You’ll also see the drivers seat temporary mounted, the wooden floor also acts as a measure-table to see that everything fits as planned.

Rear arches in the first stage of sculpting

Now the doors are cut to the right height and new side skirts are built out of plywood.A support structure for the rear wheel arches are built and spot welded to the body to ensure that the body is exactly 2000mm wide and that the arches are kept at the same distance from the body. I started out with some polyurethane foam to give the structure some rigidity. This will be done in sections and by constantly creating new support structure to ensure that the arches doesn’t move out of position.

If you look to the left of the picture you could also see the engine placement.

Rear arches in the first stage of sculpting

Now the foam has been sculpted in to a basic shape of the arch.

Next step is to relocate the support structure for the rear wheel arches and mount the side windows. Then the doors need to be aligned properly and I’ll continue working from the rear to the front sculpting the new shapes of the body.

See the rest of the pictures in the gallery.

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