Here you’ll find any and all type of press received for the Nissan GT500. Since the car is still in the early stages of development there isn’t much published yet… ;)

Top Gear

Published: 2009-06-03

Thanks to Bo Zolland, from Vizualtech Design, the renderings of the design where announced, linked and discussed throughout a wast number of sites in a pretty short period of time. Though I haven’t been able to browse through all the search hits from Google using the search term “vizualtech time attack nissan”, I stumbled across an article from the UK TV-show Top Gear.
A short but entertaining article to read. And with the global attention that a TV-show like Top Gear has (at least amongst car enthusiasts), it a true privilege to see an article from them about the Nissan GT500 design.
Read the Top Gear article by following this link -> Top Gear – “The joy of SX”