» Who am I?

My name is Fredrik Söderquist and as you probably can tell from my last name and my horrible excuse for English; I’m from Sweden. I like fast cars, good food, traveling and all form of extreme sports (though I almost never do any form of sport activity any more).

I used to do a lot of aggressive inline skating when I was younger. You know; Up and down ramps, rails, curbs and such doing some tricks.

Nowadays it’s mostly cars that occupies my spare time. ;)

» What is this site/blog about?

This site/blog is dedicated to my build of a SuperGT GT500 inspired 1998 Nissan 200sx. If you go ahead and read the information on the homepage , browse the blog and check out the FAQ on this page, I’ll think you’ll find all the information you need!

» About the car/FAQ

Q: Why do you call the build/car “Nissan GT500″?

A: Due to poor imagination and the fact that I don’t want to call it “A SuperGT GT500 inspired totally rebuilt 1998 Nissan 200sx/Silvia/240sx”, Nissan GT500 was the shortest and best describing name I came up with.

Q: Will it be road legal?

A: One of the major goals with this build is to make it road legal. I will follow the rules and regulations for “amateur built vehicles” which is the Swedish Transport Agency (like the US DMV) form of registration for just that: Amateur built vehicles. This form of registration is available for registration of kit cars and similar vehicles. If I encounter to many odd rules and is forced to make to many compromises to achieve this goal, the “road legal goal” of the build may have to be canceled. We’ll see how it goes when it’s time for the build inspection!

Q: What are the specifications for the Nissan GT500?

A: Check out the list here. The list will be updated and altered as the build comes along.

Q: What engine will you use? What transmission? Etc…

A: See “What are the specifications for the Nissan GT500″.

Q: When do you plan to finish the build?

A: Simple answer: Never. Due to the fact that there will always be things to fix and make to perfection even after it’s “done”. And I don’t have a final date for the build, it will take the all the time necessary for me to be satisfied with the results. I have hopes on taking it out on the streets/tracks by 2012, but that hope can be killed by my sponsor “the wallet”… ;)

Q: Are you building after the SuperGT GT500 regulations?

A: No. I’m not building this car to compete in the Japanese SuperGT GT500 series, the build of my car is only inspired by the GT500 series cars. I’m not building for any other national or international race class either, nor am I building a car for the Japanese/UK Time Attack series. I’m just building a car for my self, for use at track days and some times on the road. ;)

Simply put: I have no intention of competing in any type of racing series with this car. If I get the urge to compete later on, I’ll make the necessary changes to the car then. I’m still following some basic national and international rules and regulations to make sure that there isn’t to much of a hassle to make the car suitable for racing.

Q: I have an unanswered question!

A: Feel free to contact me, see contact information below.

» Contact

If you have any enquirers, thoughts or feedback, feel free to contact me.
Either use email, post a comment on the blog or send me a PM on one of the communities where I have project/build threads. (See the Links page for directions to the project/build threads.)