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The design, by Vizualtech

To start of the build I needed to get the image of the final product out of my head. And since I’m a terrible designer and no good with pen and paper (I make killer looking stick figures though!) I decided to contact a professional design firm to help me with the design.
Vizualtech Design has an impressive portfolio and Bo Zolland does some amazing 3D work. After a chat with Bo my choice of design firm was done.

After sending over tons of images, descriptions and ideas, Bo Zolland started to work on some prototypes of the design. Throughout the process of making the 3D model I was always involved, each day receiving new material to comment on. It was very exciting seeing the model take form and to see how accurate it became.

Though it is my build and I had a lot of things determined, Bo came up with a lot of new design elements that I really liked.

So the final design is a collaborated view of how the car should look like and I couldn’t be more happy with the results! I think it look really cool and has all the key design elements that I wanted.

All that being said, I can’t emphasis the fact that it’s “just a design” enough. The design helps me visualize what the final car will look like, it gives me a clear goal to work towards and gives me energy when I loose motivation or find my self stuck in the build process. (Of course I have a couple of images printed and put to use as wall paper in the garage ;) )

The final car will most likely look much like the design, but with small modifications here and there.

“Function before form” is a key value for this build and whenever the chassis, aerodynamics or anything else isn’t going to work with the design, the design will be modified.

Some images

The rear view. The most comments I’ve received is on the rear end of the car, mostly people doesn’t seem to like the diffuser, the box over the diffuser, the rear wing and the outlets in the rear arches. Well, basically everything about the rear of the car… :)

I don’t care much about those comments though, I really like the rear end.

Nissan GT500 design by Vizualtech Design
All the air intakes/outlets will have a proper and intended function. I’ll describe all that later on. Nissan GT500 design by Vizualtech Design
From this angle you can get a feel of just how wide a 2000mm car is when it’s based upon a ~1730mm wide car. I also really like the wheel arches going up through the hood. This is however not just a design element, it’s needed to allow spring compression without the tires grinding on the inside of the arches. When the body is lowered this much and with ~630mm wheel diameter in front, the raised wheel arches are necessary. Nissan GT500 design by Vizualtech Design
A future look? I really like this rendering, hopefully the car will look just as cool as this rendering when it’s sits in the garage :) Nissan GT500 design by Vizualtech Design

Again, I’m extremely satisfied with the work of Vizualtech and the design itself. And when it’s time for the dash and interior to take shape I’ll contact Bo again to get help with the layout and design. This due to the fact the interior won’t be easy to figure out with the engine mounted inside the car, starting from the front windshield and going back.


When Vizualtech published the images on a couple of site (after my approval of course), with the title “Vizualtech Time Attack Nissan 200sx”, the images got a huge spread.

It was a real treat reading through all the discussions and comments on the images and I also found a short article from Top Gear on the design that you can find on the Press page.

More images

See all images of the design in the gallery. Due to memory limits of the hosting for I can’t upload any really high resolution images. But you’ll find some high res images here.

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The site,

The site is now up and (hopefully) running. Follow this blog for the latest news!

As you might notice, I’m not much of a designer…
And I haven’t done much checking of browser compatibility, but I know for sure that it won’t look or work good in IE 6.
It works well in FireFox 3/IE 7 and hopefully you can at least read the text in the blog with the browser of your choice. :)

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