The “Nissan GT500″

Welcome to the site dedicated to the build of a SuperGT GT500 inspired 1998 Nissan 200sx!

On this site and blog, you can follow my build of a race car from scratch. The car is based upon a 1998 Nissan 200sx initially sold in Germany and later imported to Sweden.
The name “Nissan GT500″ was chosen due to my poor imagination and the fact that using a full description like “A custom built race car based upon a 1998 Nissan 200sx/Silvia/240sx with inspiration from Japan’s SuperGT GT500 racing class” would be a bit long…

See all images of the design in the gallery.

» Short history

Since the late 90’s I been fascinated by Japanese sport cars and by the beginning of 2003 I decided to save money and by my own. I first had my eyes on the Nissan 300zx, but when I saw an ad of a Nissan 200sx S14 Kouki (S14a) I was completely sold.
So in the spring of 2004 I bought a 1998 Nissan 200sx (S14a). Pretty soon I wanted more and some smaller modifications took place in 2005 and 2006. In the fall of 2006 I started a engine rebuild that went on to be a major rebuild of the entire car.
However, the rebuild was never very defined and as time flew by I had more and more ideas.
Parts where bought and sold of again without ever being used and I was never satisfied with the current state of the plans for the car.
Finally, with a lot of “learning money” spent and a lot of time passed without any real results, I took the decision that bring us to this build. I decided that the build will take the time necessary for me to be satisfied. I will build the car the way I dreamed about when I started, but with a much clearer goal and structure to the build.
So the car I initially bought back in 2004 is now cut to pieces and only the body shell will be used as part of the mold for the new body. (Talk about learning money, buying a decent sport car and cutting it to pieces only to be used as a mold for a new body… But you learn as long as you live :) )

» Goals

There are multiple goals with this build. The build is a goal in it self, I hope to learn a lot more about aerodynamics, chassis, engines and much more with the help of literature and helpful skillful people.
The second goal is the get the car road legal, which is entirely possible in Sweden as long as I follow the rules and regulations for “amateur built vehicles”.
The last goal is the have a car that I can have as a platform for further development of my self as a driver for many years to come.

» Short facts

Hopefully 500-600 hp and a maximum weight of 1000 kg.
Body made carbon fiber, tubular frame chassis with double wishbones and push rods, a 2,2 liter modified Nissan SR20DET engine, Tractive sequential gearbox, BBS 3-split race wheels with center lock, carbon fiber seats, a steering wheel and a gear leaver.

See the specification list here for more information. It will be updated as the build progresses to more accurate describe the specifications.
Until the build is “done”, all specifications are subject to change. :)

» Current status?

Follow the blog for updates and news regarding the build.
And browse through the other pages here on the site for further details and information.

If you want to contact me, see the about page for contact information.